Heat Pump Systems in Ashland, KYPerhaps you’ve noticed that your heat pump stopped running or your electric bill spiked without you changing settings. The Variable Comfort Solutions team understands and we’re ready to help! Call us for quick, efficient service that gets the interior temperature of your home back to normal. We’re the experts when it comes to heat pump installation in Ashland, KY. We’ll answer your heat pump system questions and figure out the best way to solve your problem.

    Trusted Heat Pump Installation in Ashland

    The sign most people notice that signals a broken heat pump comes from their wallet. Your electric bill will skyrocket although you never changed the setting on your thermostat. Your thermostat should sit at a constant 75 degrees Fahrenheit year-round to keep your home comfortable and your bills low. If you notice that your heat pump is no longer keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter, it may be time for a new installation.

    Trusted Heat Pump Installation in AshlandUnlike furnaces, heat pumps don’t make funky noises when they break. Rather than waiting, which can cause further damage, call us as soon as you notice a problem. Most issues require a small part or simple fix, but some require a new heat pump system and a professional to diagnose the problem and fix it.

    Common problems with heat pumps can signal larger issues.
    • Incorrectly calibrated thermostat
    • Broken heat pump compressor
    • Dirty air filters need replacing
    • An indoor or outdoor switch got turned off or stopped working

    Call us immediately if you notice something wrong with your heat pump!

    Your Heat Pump Service Team

    At Variable Comfort Solutions, we offer the top-of-the-line heat pump installation in Ashland from well-trained technicians. Our NATE-certified team can address any heat pump system problem. We offer 24/7 emergency service, and that includes emergency replacement of your heat pump.

    Our team handles heat pump installation, too. We arrive punctually, work efficiently, and get the job done so you can enjoy a comfortable home again. Our many years of industry experience helped us earn a superb reputation for the best heat pump service in the area.
    Wherever you live near Ashland, we respond quickly to help you recover your cool home. You can enjoy an afternoon at Highlands Museum and Discovery Center or the Paramount Arts Center while we install your new heat pump.

    Let us help you with heat pump repair and heat pump installation so you can remain cool. Contact Variable Comfort Solutions today.

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    We also offer heat pumps in Huntington and Barboursville.