Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no taste, smell, or visible appearance. It comes from fuel and is the result of incomplete combustion. In the United States alone, carbon monoxide causes over 15,000 emergency cases and over 500 accidental deaths yearly.

Due to the danger presented by carbon monoxide, it’s important to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. These simple devices can save lives by raising the alarm if they detect dangerously high amounts of the gas. You can maximize the effectiveness of your carbon monoxide detectors by positioning them appropriately, as we shall explain in this article.

Your Furnace and Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement

It is vital to choose an ideal location for your carbon monoxide detector for two reasons. First, putting it too close to the furnace can cause false triggers and unnecessary, disruptive alarms. The false triggers result from a detector picking up trace amounts of carbon monoxide that do not pose any risks to the home’s occupants.

Secondly, the placement of the device far from the furnace might affect its detection efficiency. Even when the emissions are significantly unsafe, the distant location might not allow timely detection for an alarm to be raised to the residents. The device must be placed between 15 and 20 feet from the heating appliance to prevent false alarms or failed detection. Variable Comfort Solutions will guide you on the proper distance and height that will optimize the functionality of your carbon monoxide smoke detector.

While owning a furnace is good, keeping your home and family safe from any harm that could come from the furnace should be a priority. The carbon monoxide produced by some furnaces is contained within the heat exchanger, but there are instances when it escapes through the flue pipe. You should still install a carbon monoxide detector no matter how safe you think your home is from these vented furnaces.

How Low or High Should You Place the Detector?

Stakeholders have different opinions and thoughts on whether you should position your CO alarm closer to the floor or the ceiling. Some quarters suggest that you set the carbon monoxide detector on the roof or at a distance of at least 5 feet from the floor. The argument is based on the notion that carbon monoxide is somewhat less dense than air, so it rises.

On the other hand, several experiments have demonstrated that carbon monoxide does not sink to the ground, float in the middle, or climb to the top of a room. Instead, it spreads out so that there is an equal concentration throughout the space. Based on that knowledge, it would be perfectly acceptable to position your CO detector anyplace in the surrounding area.

At Variable Comfort Solutions, we understand that these sets of information could be confusing. Reach out for professional assistance if you are unclear about where to install your carbon monoxide detector. If you have a professional install your CO alarms, they will use their expertise and manufacturer recommendation to ensure that they are installed properly and in the right places.

Where to Place the Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your Home

You are not the only one unsure where to place CO detectors, as many people struggle with the same concern. Because carbon monoxide detectors are not as widely used as smoke alarms, many individuals are left to speculate about where the devices should be installed. The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that the correct location for a carbon monoxide detector is outside the sleeping areas at each level of your home.

It is critical to understand the functioning of carbon monoxide for more particular areas, which is why seeking expert assistance is necessary. You will be safe with the detector placed around 5 feet above the ground on a wall, where it can take readings of the air at the level at which people in the home are breathing it. Putting the detector on the ceiling and maintaining a distance of 6 inches from the wall is another ideal location.

Get Expert Help

Invest in a reliable carbon monoxide detector and seek expert assistance with the correct installation for optimal functioning. At Variable Comfort Solutions, we can help ensure the safety of your house and family by installing carbon monoxide detectors in the appropriate locations. Our team also provides heating and cooling and indoor air quality services. Get in touch with us today for further information.

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