When the hot summer weather arrives, we all rely on air conditioning systems to cool the air in our homes and offices. These systems also help improve the quality of our indoor air while maintaining the right level of humidity. Unfortunately, air conditioning units can sometimes fail to work the way they are supposed to. In such a case, they may need to be reset. Below are more details on how to reset an air conditioning unit.

A Guide on Resetting an Air Conditioning Unit

Resetting your air conditioning unit can help solve several issues. For instance, you should reset your air conditioning unit if the air inside your home does not become cool after turning your air conditioning unit on. Resetting this unit is easy, and it involves the following steps.

  • Turning off the air conditioning system
  • Finding the circuit breaker box
  • Resetting the circuit breaker for the air conditioning unit
  • Turning the air conditioning system back on

1. Turning Off the Air Conditioning System

Before you start resetting your air conditioning unit, you should shut it off. You can do this by pushing the air conditioning unit’s power button to the “off” position. To know where the button is located, check the unit’s user manual.

2. Finding the Circuit Breaker Box

Find the circuit breaker box for your air conditioning unit. You will likely find this box in the basement area. If it is not in this area, check whether it is in the crawlspace or a closet in your home.

3. Resetting the Circuit Breaker for the Air Conditioning Unit

You are likely to find several circuit breakers in your circuit breaker box. These circuit breakers are used to control different appliances and power sections in your house. All of them will typically have labels indicating the units they control. Look for the circuit breaker for your air conditioning system and flip it to the “off” position. Leave the circuit breaker in that position for at least half a minute. After 30 seconds are over, switch on the circuit breaker.

4. Turning the Air Conditioning System Back On

After resetting your circuit breaker, you should turn your air conditioning unit on to test it. To turn it on, move the thermostat to the “on” position and set its temperature. The air conditioning system should begin to cool off the air inside your home after doing this.

Resetting an Air Conditioning Unit Using a Reset Button

If your air conditioning system has a reset button, you will not need to follow the above steps to reset it. Instead, you will need to reset the air conditioning unit using the reset button.

To reset the AC, you will need to unplug the air conditioning unit from the wall and leave it unplugged for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds are over, plug it back in, hold the unit’s reset button for at least three seconds, and release it. The air conditioning unit will turn itself on. If doing this does not reset your AC, you should contact us.

Why You Should Let Us Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit

When you request us to reset your air conditioning unit, you can rest assured knowing that we will do this work safely and correctly. We have been dealing with different types of air conditioning units for years, and our technicians are all trained and experienced. We have been in business for a long time, and our prices are affordable.

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