Your central air system is bound to malfunction eventually. If you observe any of the following three problems, then you may want a technician over to identify the cause.

An Abnormal Rise in Utility Bills

Naturally, energy bills increase in summer, but there are such things as unusual spikes. One reason is that the AC is straining to do its job because a dirty filter is hindering circulation. This forces the system to run longer to cool your home. A clogged filter can also jam up the evaporator coil, interfering with its absorption of heat from the air: thus, lukewarm air, longer run times, and greater expense. It’s easy to determine if a clogged filter is the cause: just look at your filter. However, if your filter is relatively clean, you’ll need a professional HVAC technician to investigate.

Strange Noises

Your central air system will make some noise upon switching on and off, but any prolonged and loud sounds are cause for concern.

  • Rattling and humming could indicate a loose component.
  • Clanking may point to an out-of-balance part.
  • Squealing may be the sound of a bad motor.
  • Grinding could signify a broken blower fan belt, which isn’t too serious, or a worn-out compressor, which may require a complete AC replacement.
A Musty Odor from Your AC

Your AC’s indoor unit, the air handler, develops condensation, which goes down the condensate drain line. If this drain becomes clogged, the water backs up and invites mold and mildew growth, leading to that familiar musty smell whenever the AC turns on. The smell may also be linked to a dirty evaporator coil or a duct leak that is bringing in dust and humidity.

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