Around 35% of households in West Virginia use a window AC unit to keep cool. If you have one or more in your home, there are several good reasons you should upgrade to a central air conditioner.

They Only Cool a Single Room

A window AC unit can only cool a single room. You need to buy and install multiple ones if you want to cool a few bedrooms or an office. This expense can quickly add up.

Window AC Units Can’t Cool a Large Room

Even the best window AC units can do little more than cool a small room. They do fine in a bedroom, but they are unable to cool a living room or large kitchen. If you put one in your master bedroom with an attached bath, you’ll also need to buy a dehumidifier to keep mold and mildew at bay.

They Aren’t Energy Efficient

Much of the cool air produced by a window AC unit is lost outdoors, no matter how well you feel you sealed the rest of the window. They also have to run longer to produce the same amount of cooling that a central air conditioner can provide. Additionally, their SEER ratings are lower than central air conditioners, especially the most advanced central air systems.

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Lack of Air Filtering

Window AC units don’t have the air filtering capabilities that central air conditioning does. Their air filters are usually a small plastic screen instead of a HEPA filter that traps even tiny pollutants. Mold and bacteria can grow in window AC units, which can blow back inside your home.

They Leak Water

Many window AC units leak water. As moisture forms on its evaporator coil, it will drip onto the floor below or on the space right below your window. This can cause water damage to your home and be a breeding ground for mold, mildew and algae.

They’re Noisy

A window AC unit is much louder to operate than central air conditioning. This is because the noisiest part of a central air conditioning system is outdoors. You may find it difficult to watch TV, listen to music or have a conversation when a window AC unit is operating.

Window AC Units Are Problematic in the Winter

If you leave your window AC unit in place during the winter, you will have heat loss. The solution is to remove the unit after the summer is over. However, this is not a pleasant task and even harder if you have multiple window AC units in your home.

They’re Ugly

Window AC units don’t look very nice, especially when looking at your home from the outside. You can hide an outdoor central AC unit where it doesn’t ruin the visual appeal of your home. Window AC units also block the view from the window they are in, which defeats the main purpose of having a window.

Window AC units reduce the curb appeal of your home, which reduces how much you can sell it for. They don’t add anything to the value of your home. A central air conditioning system will increase the value of your home when you sell it. Many people won’t even consider buying a home that doesn’t have central air conditioning, which increases the difficulty of selling it for the price you want.

Comfort Issues

You don’t need air conditioning year-round in West Virginia. If you put window AC units away in storage when not in use, you have to lug around a heavy and awkward device. You then have to lug it around again when you put it back in the window for the summer.

As a window AC unit only cools the room it’s in, any room in your home without one won’t be comfortable. You’ll go from one room that feels nice and cool to another that is unbearably hot.

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