By Variable Comfort Solutions

Perhaps your home doesn’t have ductwork. Perhaps it comes with radiant floor heating or some other non-ducted but costly heating system. Or, it could be that you own a barn, garage or detached in-law suite that you want to be heated and cooled. These are all good reasons for considering a ductless mini-split.

Mini-splits are composed of two parts. Outdoors, you have the compressor/condenser unit, and indoors, you have the air handling unit. The air handler is usually mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling, and it’s less obtrusive than your average window-mounted AC.

Let us go over just a few of the benefits that come with installing a mini-split.

Low Operating Cost

Mini-splits are energy-efficient because unlike other systems that heat through electric resistance or the burning of fuel, they transfer heat rather than generate it. Many mini-splits boast ENERGY STAR certification because the EPA sees the advantages that they offer.

According to the EPA, these ENERGY STAR certified mini-splits can cut heating costs in half and cooling costs by 30% when compared to conventional central air systems. Many of these certified products are eligible for incentives from local utilities, which translates into more savings.

Bypass Ducts

More than 30% of all the energy consumption in space conditioning is lost through the ductwork, according to the Department of Energy. Air ducts can leak, harbor pollutants, and even develop mold. They are bulky and cumbersome to install. With mini-splits, none of this applies.

Zoning Capabilities

Depending on the model, the outdoor compressor/condenser can power up to four air handlers. This means you can heat and cool four separate rooms, each with its own thermostat, whenever they are occupied. It’s zoning without the need for ducts and dampers.

Bottom line: Ductless mini-splits are efficient heating and cooling systems. Though easier to install than a central air system, professional installation is still required. To schedule an appointment with Variable Comfort Solutions, call 304-443-9255