Window AC in Huntington, WV
September 20

Why You Should Upgrade From a Window AC Unit in West Virginia

Around 35% of households in West Virginia use a window AC unit to keep cool. If you have one or more in your home, there… View Article Read More

New Ductwork in Huntington, WV
August 16

8 Benefits of New Ductwork

For many reasons, installing new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ductwork can be beneficial. Replacing ductwork may be necessary if your old ducts are deteriorating… View Article Read More

Energy Efficent AC in Huntington, WV
July 15

5 Tips To Make Your AC Unit More Energy Efficient

Air conditioning units are a necessary evil during the hot summer months. They keep us cool and comfortable but can add quite a bit to… View Article Read More

Soundproof AC in Huntington, WV
June 14

Ways That You Can Soundproof Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is obviously essential as it ensures that your home remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. However, many HVAC systems can… View Article Read More

Family enjoying clean air in Huntington, WY
May 19

How to Clean a Window AC Unit to Keep It Running Smoothly

If your home’s airflow isn’t optimized, the summer can be a sweltering, sweaty season. One of the best ways to keep your house cool during… View Article Read More

April 15

A Guide to How Ductless Air Conditioners Work

A Guide to How Ductless Air Conditioners Work The basic operation of ductless AC units is no different than other AC units; they use refrigerant… View Article Read More

Licensed HVAC Contractor in Huntington, WY
March 17

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Licensed HVAC Contractor

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February 16

5 Potential Solutions for Uneven Heating

When your household HVAC system is operating in tiptop shape, comfort will be consistent across all areas of your home. However, when something goes wrong,… View Article Read More

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January 10

Best New Year’s Resolutions Regarding Your Home’s Heater

As we get ready to enter a new year, you’re likely taking stock of how you want to change. One of these changes may be… View Article Read More

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December 16

Why Does My Furnace Smell Like It’s Burning?

When your furnace kicks on, does it smell like burning hair or an electrical fire? These are just a few of the many unpleasant smells… View Article Read More