AC Repair in Huntington, WV
May 15

The Air Conditioner Is Running, But It Isn’t Cooling

There are several reasons that your air conditioner could be running and not cooling your home. We don’t have room to list all of them,… View Article Read More

Humidifier in Huntington, WV
April 13

Air Purifier vs. Dehumidifier: Which One Is Right for You?

Indoor air quality is becoming an increasingly important issue as more and more people spend a significant amount of time indoors. Poor air quality can… View Article Read More

HVAC services in Huntington, WV
March 16

Why Invest in Annual AC Service?

You probably don’t need your air conditioning every day of the year, but you do need it to run steadily in the warmer months. You… View Article Read More

Indoor Air Quality in Huntington, WV
February 15

What Is Air Quality Testing and How Often Does Your Home Need It?

If you ask most homeowners in Huntington, WV, what they think the most important aspect of their home’s comfort is, they’re likely to say it’s… View Article Read More

Indoor Air Quality in Huntington, WV
January 20

What Is Involved in an Air Quality Test?

All You Need to Know About Air Quality Tests Preserving your indoor air quality is an essential part of preserving your health and safety. Poor… View Article Read More

HVAC Tips in Huntington, WV
December 19

FAQ: Top Seven Questions Customers Have about Heat Pumps

What Is a Heat Pump, and How Does It Work? A: Heat pumps have been used around the world as an effective way of providing… View Article Read More

Humidifier in Huntington, WV
November 20

How Does a Whole-Home Furnace Humidifier Work?

Excessively dry air is a common issue during the winter months because the colder the air is, the less moisture it contains. This problem is… View Article Read More

Carbon Monoxide detector in Huntington, WV
October 20

How Far From Your Furnace Should You Carbon Monoxide Detector Be?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no taste, smell, or visible appearance. It comes from fuel and is the result of incomplete combustion…. View Article Read More

Window AC in Huntington, WV
September 20

Why You Should Upgrade From a Window AC Unit in West Virginia

Around 35% of households in West Virginia use a window AC unit to keep cool. If you have one or more in your home, there… View Article Read More

New Ductwork in Huntington, WV
August 16

8 Benefits of New Ductwork

For many reasons, installing new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ductwork can be beneficial. Replacing ductwork may be necessary if your old ducts are deteriorating… View Article Read More