Indoor Air Quality Services in Huntington

Indoor Air Quality

Improving the Safety and Comfort of Your Home

If you or one of your loved ones suffer from asthma or chronic respiratory issues, evaluating your indoor air quality can make all the difference in lessening symptoms. Indoor air quality refers to the condition of your home’s air and our experts at Variable Comfort Solutions can help keep the air in your space clean. We happily provide indoor air quality solutions to the homes throughout Huntington, Barboursville, and surrounding areas.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states your indoor air is typically 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside and lists it as one of the top 5 risks to public health. When your air quality is compromised, you are exposed to harmful particles, including bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, mold, dander, and more. While there are a variety of contributors to poor air quality, like poor ventilation, chemical household cleaners, and excessive moisture, continuous exposure to poor indoor air quality can have some troubling side effects.
Symptoms of poor indoor air quality:

  • Dry skin or skin rashes
  • Irritation of eyes, nose, and throat
  • Asthma or allergy symptoms
  • Headaches or mental fatigue
  • Respiratory infection
  • Dizziness or nausea

Air Quality Solutions You Can Count On

Air Quality Solutions You Can Count OnVariable Comfort Solutions is a local and family-owned team, and we are committed to bettering the lives of the residents in our community. We understand that keeping your family and friends safe when they’re in your home is a priority for you, which is why it is a priority to us. We offer tailored solutions to your unique air quality problem and our clean and experienced technicians get the job done right, right away.

We are dedicated to keeping our customers informed and our qualified and friendly team will answer all your indoor air quality questions We provide a variety of air quality solutions ranging from duct and HVAC cleaning, to air purifier installation and repair, to humidifier services, so you can be sure your home’s air is perfect. All our services come with honest and upfront pricing, without any needless upsells.

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