Everyone wants to save money where they can, and that frugality can extend to home heating systems. Turning up the thermostat is unnecessary if you just need to warm one room, and it can sharply increase energy usage. To stay warm without the wasted energy that comes with adjusting central heating, many use space heaters. Even when just using one to warm a single room, the type of heater you choose can make a significant difference in your bill. To make sure that you pick a heater that is going to keep your costs low, we are going to walk you through the main categories of heaters as well as explain the type that is most affordable to run.

Oil-Filled Radiator

Oil-filled heaters utilize oil for the transfer of heat. Oil circulates throughout a heating element, which then transfers the generated heat to the air. This is an efficient method for heating a small space, as the heat is transferred quickly with little energy wasted. These types of heaters are considered more energy-efficient than many other varieties and come with the advantage of an extended cool-down period once shut off. That means that it can continue warming a space even when it is not using energy.

Convection Heaters

A convection heater uses convection technology to circulate warm air through a room. They are non-fan-forced, naturally moving heated air back into an area. With a convection heater, a convection current is created from the warm air rising in a room and the cooler air being drawn in from the floor. This constant circulation helps to distribute heat evenly. A convection heater is considered more energy-efficient than some other heating options despite having a higher wattage rating.

Halogen Heaters

This type of electric heater uses halogen gas for heat production. An electric current passes through the gas, producing infrared radiation. This radiation is then absorbed by surfaces around a room, warming them. Halogen heaters are more efficient than standard electrical heaters and provide more balanced heating. They also have a higher initial price tag than other space heater options but are one of the most affordable to operate.

Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are ideal for quickly heating a small room and are relatively inexpensive to operate. They are also less expensive to purchase than most of the other options. These types of heaters use electricity to convert energy into heat. The heat that is produced is then distributed throughout the space by a fan. These types of heaters can be very energy-efficient, as they do not take a lot of time to bring a small space’s temperature up to the desired level. They can be quite noisy, however, and are not the best choice for trying to heat a larger space.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are a good option for small areas. These types of heaters work by warming objects in a room instead of the actual air. This is accomplished safely, without the risk of exposure to the harmful chemicals or gasses that other heating sources may use. Infrared heaters use significantly less energy than other options to produce the same level of heat.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters use ceramic elements for heat generation. They are typically small and compact, along with being considered one of the safest ways to heat a room. These types of heaters are very energy-efficient and inexpensive to purchase. One of the downsides of this type of space heater is that it can take a long time to heat up. They are also not ideal for large spaces.

The Cheapest Type of Heater To Run

When looking at the nightly eight-hour average cost of operating each variety of heater, halogen heaters are the most cost-effective to operate. Infrared heaters come in a close second followed by fan heaters, which also have a lower upfront cost.

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