Fall and winter bring cold temperatures to Huntington, WV, so you do not want to be without a working heating system. Many factors could cause your system to stop working abruptly. It is vital to know what these are so that you can take the right preventative measures so that you are not left in the cold.

Ignition or Pilot Light Issues

If your furnace uses heat to power it, you will have either an ignition or a pilot light. When the thermocouple, pilot light or ignition control are malfunctioning, it can stop the burner from igniting, which means that your furnace is unable to generate heat. This issue could also stem from drafts or clogs. An experienced professional can inspect your system to determine what the cause is and fix it so that your furnace comes back on.

Thermostat Problems

It is not uncommon for the thermostat to malfunction, and, in some cases, this could cause your furnace to stop working. There are times when your malfunctioning thermostat can misread the temperature of the room, so it does not trigger the furnace to come on as normal. In some cases, there could be too much dust in the thermostat or you need to change the batteries. However, if faulty wiring is the cause, it is best to have a professional do the repairs.

Frozen Condensate Lines or Pipes

Pipes and condensate lines that lead away from or to your heating system could freeze during extremely cold weather. When this happens, there may be a blockage of condensate or water. This can cause your system to malfunction or shut down completely. If you are having issues with freezing, a professional can insulate these lines and pipes. This is especially important in exposed or unheated areas where freezing is more likely to occur.

Electrical Issues

Several different electrical issues could negatively impact your furnace and possibly cause it to stop working. Common examples include blown fuses, faulty wiring and tripped circuit breakers. Any of these issues could disrupt the electricity going to your system, and, without it, it will either get no power at all or not enough. You may notice that it either shuts down unexpectedly or fails to start at all. A professional needs to inspect this to ensure safety and proper protocol. They will look at all the connections and wires to identify the issue and make the proper fix.

Improper Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your heating system in good working condition. In general, you should have an HVAC professional come out about once a year to inspect your system. Ideally, you should schedule this for early fall before the weather gets too cold so that there is time to do replacements or repairs if necessary before the temperatures plummet.

During a maintenance appointment, the professional will clean the various components of your system and replace the air filters. They might also tackle your ductwork since dirty ducts can negatively affect the operation of your system. If not, you can have professional duct cleaning separately.

System Age

While regular maintenance can help to keep your system running smoothly for longer, all heating systems will fail eventually. You can look at the manufacturer’s manual for the average lifespan of your specific system, but the average is 15 to 20 years. If your system is around this age, it may be time to start thinking about completely replacing it before it stops working.

Blocked or Clogged Air Ducts

Restricted airflow can occur due to blocked or clogged air ducts. This makes it much harder for your system to move air throughout your home. Over time, this can put excess stress on your system, and it may eventually shut down completely due to overheating. A professional can come in and inspect your air ducts and let you know if cleaning or repairs are necessary.

Heating Experts in Huntington

Huntington winters can get very cold, so you need your heating system to be in excellent condition. There are several reasons why your system might stop working. Our team of professionals knows how to identify the issues that cause this problem so that they can keep your system running strong. Once the weather warms up again, our experts can also assist with your cooling system.

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