If you ask most homeowners in Huntington, WV, what they think the most important aspect of their home’s comfort is, they’re likely to say it’s climate control. However, there’s another major component of home comfort that plenty of homeowners don’t think too much about. It’s the quality of the air in their home. Poor indoor air quality can cause just as much discomfort as a temperature problem, such as itchy throats and headaches. In addition, it can also have negative long-term effects on the health and well-being of everyone in your home. That reality makes regular air quality testing important, so you can take action to improve the situation when necessary. To help, here’s everything you need to know about air quality testing and how often your home needs it.

Why Are Modern Homes Prone To Indoor Air Quality Problems?

Years ago, most homes lacked sufficient insulation and cost quite a bit to heat and cool. That issue, however, came with a beneficial side effect. Gaps in the insulation allowed plenty of fresh air to enter the home at all times. That, in turn, kept the indoor air at least as healthy as the outdoor air around the home.

In newer or upgraded older homes, however, better insulation means less circulation of air between the inside and the outside of the building. That does wonders for energy efficiency but also increases the chances of indoor air quality issues. More specifically, it makes homes more prone to things like mold, the buildup of allergens, and higher levels of airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

What Is Indoor Air Quality Testing?

Indoor air quality testing includes a variety of procedures designed to detect potential problems with your home’s air quality. It includes a visual inspection of items such as HVAC air filters and places in a home that could be prone to mold buildup. It also includes the collection of surface and air samples for laboratory testing afterward.

The idea is to figure out what types of air quality issues your home has, if any, to allow for proper mitigation techniques. For example, a home with high levels of allergens in its air might need an upgraded HVAC filter to solve the problem. Or, a home with particular types of VOCs in its air might require stand-alone air purifiers or a whole-house air purifier to correct the problem. It is also possible to add mechanical ventilation to your current HVAC system to bring in some filtered fresh air.

How Often Does a Home Need Air Quality Testing?

At a minimum, it’s recommended that most homes have their air quality tested at least once per year. That assumes, of course, that there aren’t any reasons for additional testing. For example, if you or anyone in your family has allergy issues, it’s wise to have air quality tests performed seasonally. That way, you can take steps to reduce the allergens in your indoor air as needed to improve the comfort of the allergy sufferer.

It’s also wise to get an air quality test done whenever you make any major changes to your home. For example, if you had your bathroom remodeled, the construction may have caused VOCs, dirt, and debris to be released into your home’s air. Having an indoor air quality test will let you know if you need to take action to fix the issue.

Contact the Air Quality Experts

Now that you know all about indoor air quality testing and how often your home needs it, you’ll want to know who to trust with the job. Variable Comfort Solutions is a family-owned and local HVAC company that offers expert indoor air quality solutions, including testing and mitigation options. Our experienced and highly-trained technicians can help you make sure your home’s air is as healthy and safe as possible. As a family business, we know how important your family’s health and safety are to you, and we won’t rest until your home meets the same indoor air quality standards we insist on in our own homes. Plus, we offer comprehensive HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services to help you maintain a comfortable home.

If you live in the Huntington, WV area and you’re ready to schedule an indoor air quality test for your home, or if you have any other HVAC-related needs, contact the experts at Variable Comfort Solutions today!

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