You probably don’t need your air conditioning every day of the year, but you do need it to run steadily in the warmer months. You may be told that you need to have your AC serviced annually and maybe even twice a year. However, you might also wonder if you really do need to service your AC each year. While your AC system might continue to run for more than a year without a service call, it’s not likely to do it very well. Your annual maintenance call is important for multiple reasons.

Save Your Money

AC maintenance is an expense, but it’s also an investment. An appliance that’s maintained properly runs more efficiently. That saves you money on your monthly utility bills. However, it also prevents the expenses of emergency air conditioner repairs when something breaks down. Regular maintenance appointments on at least an annual basis should prevent more than half of all AC problems. It’s the same situation as keeping your car maintained, so it doesn’t break down on you when you’re on the road.

You’re Ready for Summer

You probably don’t use your AC much in the winter. Since it’s been sitting there for months on end, it might have degraded a bit. That means when you fire it up for the first time in the spring, it’s not working as well as you would want it to. Spring service for an air conditioner should be an annual tradition that lets your AC enjoy professional attention. They can verify that all the parts are in optimal working condition and ready to go, and they can fix the ones that aren’t.

Keep the Warranty

Many air conditioners have a warranty that gives you the option of repairs or even replacement when problems happen. If you have such a warranty, you might want to read the fine print. Many air conditioner manufacturers include language in their warranties that mandate you keep the appliance in great shape in order to maintain the warranty. Annual maintenance calls can ensure you accomplish this.

Enjoy More Efficiency

If you want to have an energy-efficient air conditioning system, then regular maintenance calls are a must. A basic service call can boost your system efficiency by as much as 5%. That’s less money you have to pay for your utility bill in the following months, but it also means better air flowing through the system all summer.

Your AC Unit Will Last Longer

Regular inspections can prevent many issues, and they can catch others before they turn into something big. Keeping your appliance in great condition simply means it will last longer. You’ll prevent issues that could turn into major repairs later, and you’ll go more years before you have to replace your air conditioner altogether.

How Much Does AC Service Cost?

Standard servicing for an air conditioner can be charged in two different ways. The first is by an hourly rate, and the second is a flat rate. Routine maintenance will usually cost anywhere from $140 to $220. Compare that to the typical costs involved with AC repairs, which range from $300 to $700. Service calls are typically cheaper on weekdays than evenings or weekends, and the spring season might have specials available. The summer season can be a hard time to even get contractors or technicians scheduled due to demand.

How Long Will the Maintenance Take?

Service appointments just for inspections and maintenance usually take an hour or two. They might go longer based on a few different factors. The kind of AC you have matters, and so does the size of your home. If it’s been a while since your last maintenance call, that can add time to your current visit, too.

Let Us Fix You Up

Annual maintenance and servicing for your air conditioner saves you money now and later, and it keeps your system running longer than it would otherwise. If you need someone to service your AC unit in Huntington, WV or the surrounding areas, the team at Variable Comfort Solutions can help. We offer everything from maintenance agreements and indoor air quality services to heat pumps and mini-splits. Contact us right away for any of this for your home or even commercial AC services for your business.

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